HSE 2024: Future-Proofing Health and Safety with a Modern Approach

HSE 2024: Future-Proofing Health and Safety with a Modern Approach

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Welcome to the Health & Safety Masterclass Training taking place on March 07-08, 2024. This masterclass is designed to provide an immersive learning experience for professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of occupational health, safety, and wellbeing. Over the course of two days, our expert instructors will delve into critical topics, strategies, and best practices that contribute to achieving excellence in safety performance within the workplace.


Holistic Approach to Safety: Learn how a holistic systemic approach effectively manages health and safety challenges by understanding the multidisciplinary nature of occupational health, safety, and wellbeing.

Risk Assessment and Control: Implement strategies for risk control and prevention by grasping the principles of health and safety risk assessment. Explore risk profiling and managing change.

Human Factors and Failures: Identify human failures and understand contributing human factors in safety incidents. Discover strategies to mitigate human errors and enhance safety performance.

Cultivating a Culture of Care: Fostering a culture of care within organizations is vital. Learn about practical safety leadership domains and how top management commitment influences safety outcomes.

Health as a Business Value: Recognize health as a core business value. Explore implementing holistic models of prevention and protection health techniques within the workplace.

Mental Health and Wellbeing: Manage psychosocial hazards and promote workplace mental health and wellbeing. Participate in a panel discussion to explore effective strategies.

Emerging Risks and Opportunities: Identify and tackle emerging risks in the modern workplace. Leverage opportunities to enhance workplace safety and wellbeing.


OHSSE Professionals: Occupational Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Well-being, Emergency Crisis Management, Emergency Response & Rescue, Accident Investigation, Inspection, Hazard Identification: Board Committee Officials & Members, Organizational Directors, Heads, Managers, Officers, Engineers, Process Engineers, Technicians, Coordinators, Supervisors, Representatives, Specialists, Experts, Advisors, Analysts.

Risk Professionals: Qualitative Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Risk Decision Processes /Governance / Culture: Organizational Directors, Heads, Managers, Officers, Coordinators, Specialists, Experts, Advisors, Analysts.

Compliance, Regulation / Regulatory Compliance Professionals: Organizational Directors, Heads, Managers, Officers, Engineers, Coordinators, Specialists, Experts, Advisors, Analysts.

HR, L&D and Training Professionals: Human Resource, Learning & Development, Skill Development, Training & Coaching: Organizational Directors, Heads, Managers, Business Partners, Officers, Coordinators, Administrators, Representatives, Generalists, Specialists, Experts, Advisors, Analysts, Mentors.

Join us for this enriching Health & Safety Masterclass Training. Gain practical knowledge to elevate safety performance and foster a culture of care. Contribute to creating a safer, healthier workplace. We look forward to your active engagement and learning over these two insightful days.


  • Acquire valuable skills to excel and manage Health & Safety at Workplace.
  • Boost your confidence in handling Health & Safety Tasks and Responsibilities.
  • Ensure your capacity to identify, manage, comply and regulate Health & Safety Risk Hazards and Core Issues.
  • Get empowered to train and teach Health, Safety, Environment, Risk and Compliance updated knowledge and concepts to your associates, subordinates and relevant workers.
  • Network and exchange Ideas with fellow professionals.
  • Gain a competitive edge in Job, Career and Business market.
  • Receive a Certificate upon successful completion.


  • Training materials (Powerpoint document for Participant Use Only)
  • Full Access to Day 1 and Day 2 Training
  • Refreshments and lunch
  • Certificate of Completion 

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Jennet Arshimova

Dr Jennet Arshimova, Managing Director and Senior Tutor in NEW HSE Excellence Centre in Poland. She is a founder of two Risk Management Schools and EHS Academy in Poland and Ukraine. Jennet has a dual degree: medicine as a doctor and OSH as a safety practitioner.

A highly experienced health and safety practitioner with 17 years of international experience within energy, healthcare, oil & gas industry working in more than 14 countries. She also served as an expatriate doctor with MSF ‘’Doctors Without Borders’’, researching healthcare programmes and their effects on health services. While studying for her MSc degree at Imperial College London, she developed a particular interest in safety culture and risk management. She is a Graduate Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. Currently, Jennet is finalising her PhD in Occupational health and safety in the area of crisis management and crisis communication in strategic OSH management.

Jennet is a lecturer at the faculty of Occupational H&S Management at the School of Business National Louis University, Poland. Since 2014, Jennet runs the first and only NEBOSH-accredited center in Poland as NEBOSH tutor and Examiner. She has been CHESM Management and H and M Advisor for Europe via Haztek International at Chevron; Entrepreneur Drilling and Completion HES Client Rep at Eni; HSE Team leader Shipyard Design and Gas PipeLine Project; HES, Medic and HLO in Turkmenistan; and is a Member of RedRisks Stream Team at RedRisks. With a robust skill set that includes Occupational Health, Accident Investigation, Risk Assessment, Safety Management Systems, Inspection, Hazard Identification, Crises Management and Communication, Petroleum, Oil & Gas and more, Jennet Arshimova right now is one of the most valuable contributors to the industry.

In 2021, Jennet received an award ‘Leader of the Year in Risk Management’ by Ukraine authorities. 

Jennet aims to develop a New Behaviour-based Safety System for the region proposing a slightly different model addressing some unique challenges for safety professionals.

In addition to her daily work activities, Jennet is involved in multiple projects outside the business, focusing on risk and crisis management and sharing safety-related information among the Central & Eastern Europe. Jennet is a book lover, multilingual (5 languages), member of Queen Fanclub and a mother of a young future doctor.

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