About Us

Welcome to WLCUS creating Top Conferences and Training’s

WLCUS is based in Budapest, Hungary. We are a team of professionals brought together to create high-quality conferences , Masterclass  and training’s in different fields such as Banking, Human Resources, Pharmaceutical, and Energy.


Our Team believes that the best way to be a good partner with anyone, is by building a good and healthy relationship.

This means that our clients interest are our number one priority. We strive to ensure that our clients are satisfied and that they are well informed of their respective industry once they attend our events.

If our clients are not pleased then we are not satisfied, as we believe a happy satisfied client = a good partner.

As a start-up company, we have hosted more than 10 events . We are became very successful and was recognized in the market by our speakers and attendees for being one of the best in the market which is the main reason we have more than 80 % of our past delegates.

We host our Annual Payment Forum in November and our Annual HR Forum in March, our Annual Banking Innovation is schedule for June and our Annual Collateral Management Forum is hosted in September.

Our Vision

WLCUS primary objective is to deliver quality conferences + training across the globe at affordable prices. keeping in mind the true meaning of a quality event is to bring together senior executives to share their experience and network. Our focus is to help our clients identify the latest trends in the market. We are always working closely with regulators to keep our clients update about new upcoming regulations.

Payment Terms

Online Payment for any of our events at WLCUS Kft. are subject to the following payment conditions:

WLCUS Kft must receive the payment for the registration fees as detailed on the event webpage before the registration would be confirmed. Payment will be required only after the information registration form is filled out. In some cases, late registrations can also be paid onsite. Such payments may be subject to an additional late registration fee, details are specified on the event’s website.

Credit card payments will be processed via a secure online payment and all fees charged in EUROS any residents outside of Europe will be subject to VAT charges according to the EU Regulations. Once the payment has been received you will receive an official invoice from WLCUS Kft with a welcome letter of a detailed outline of the conference, location, and program. There is a non-refundable policy however if you are not able to attend the registered event you have the opportunity to send a replacement on your behalf.

Thanks from WLCUS Team